I know you're OH-SO-READY for big change 

Gain clarity, create a plan, let go of what no longer serves you

so you can GLOW and GROW.

Consult Sessions

Once off consultations to help you make a decision, be mentored and get an action plan.


I get it - sometimes you just really need someone to talk with about your ideas and get some advice. Someone to help you focus on what matters and outline next steps to get results without ongoing coaching support.


Consult Session are 90 minutes and you can choose from Get my Shiz together or Digital Q&A..

One-to-one Coaching

This is the big kahuna - the “let’s create transformation in your business and life. Set you up to Grow and Glow:”


The time has come and you just KNOW you need to work with a Coach to achieve your business goals.


There are 2 options for one-to-one coaching [Open Project OR my Signature Framework] where I work with you privately to achieve your biz goals. 

Show up online... You know you need to but you keep hesitating.


Your content strategy and brand is a little all-over-the-shop. You not super confident showing your face. At times you totally doubt yourself and hide [who would listen to me].

BUT you also know for business success you need to change all this and SHOW UP online.  


If the above sounds like you - then this is the course  for you.

The change, impact and abundance you desire is SO close.

Not sure what you need?  Schedule a discovery call with me now to talk through your options.


"Get My Shiz Together” Session 

If you’re ready to make a big step in the right direction, schedule a call with me now.

Clear. Accountable. Kickass!

When I first connected with Katie I was trying to start a second business, coaching, from scratch. However, as this was the first time I'd done any business myself, I was feeling pretty nervous and unsure about what area I needed to focus on. I was also in a state of moving on from a breakup and feeling a little less confident and lost. Starting a business seemed overwhelming to me - I'd heard about being on a few different platforms, and had weighed that Youtube would likely drive me good traffic. However, I was completely new to it, had nothing prepared and hadn't really been visibly on social media a lot. I was also trying to figure out how to start a business and what client I wanted to attract. 


When I started coaching with Katie I was a little nervous but once we got started, I was really excited! I'm really used to friends being supportive and I tend to shy away from people who chase me up on my actions. I tend to get a little rebellious if that follow up is pushy, but Katie wasn't at all. We were really clear on finding out what I wanted / needed as first steps for my business, and then moving from there. I was so happy that I was able to accomplish what I'd set out to do with my YouTube channel. I set a launch date for my channel and posted 4 videos in my first month.  


While I definitely had big roadbumps along the way, I was really happy to have Katie's support and understanding during my time. In the very beginning, I was very afraid of showing up on social media. But over time, it's now something I face head-on, and enjoy, as I feel I am able to connect more deeply with my clients this way. I also realised that I am my worst enemy at times with the negative talk, but listing out my own accomplishments and milestones has greatly helped with forward momentum. Imposter syndrome shows up less, and I realise that I am able to share my message to the right people, I just needed to trust the process as Katie has said before, and trust myself too.

Paddy Then | Autoimmune Support Coach | My Healing Gut


Why Work With A Coach? 

Even pro athletes use a coach every day. Why? Because high-achievers [just like you] continuously strive to do better, be better, GLOW and GROW.

All that *work* can be hard, time consuming and lonely by yourself. It requires self-discipline, motivation and a stream of new ideas, tools and strategies.

That’s what a coach gives you! I am in your corner, supporting and guiding you through this exciting phase of change in your life.


When we work together you gain the best of both worlds as I combine marketing strategy with mindset reprogramming so that you can enjoy a makeover in how you show up, feel, think and plan.

Your business will benefit from diving deep on the three most important pillars of success: marketing strategy, mindset confidence and money matters.


My goal as your coach is to lead you through this process so that you GLOW and GROW online and in your personal life.

My BIG Mission in Life

My big mission in life is to be seen as a high vibing, bringer of inspiration and information - empowering thousands of women to GLOW and GROW. Everyday I show up to live my most Inspiring, Impactful and Abundant life and through my work I get the privilege of helping all the women I connect with do the same.

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