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21 post ideas, client-winning scripts and video checklist 🎥

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You keep seeing announcements pop up;

  • Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app, it is focusing on video content.
  • If you want massive reach you need to be doing reels.
  • Facebook is prioritising video and Lives in the feed.
  • LinkedIn even introduced a short video to replace your profile picture.
  • TikTok is exploding and
  • Everybody you admire is showing up on video too.


You cannot keep waiting for the right time, your marketing strategy depends on a video-first strategy!


I'm here to help

What's in the download: 

  • Video Content

    Video doesn't need to be scary, and it DOESN'T need to take all day. Create video content that feels good and converts.

  • 5 Exact Scripts

    I reveal my client-winning scripts word-for-word so that you can apply a similar method to your own content. This will have you creating content with authority and purpose that serves your ideal clients.

  • Who's it for

    This guide is perfect for Consultants, Creatives and Coaches who want to ShowUp confidently online. (YAY you!) 

  • Video checklist

    All the essentials you need to know when creating your videos. Camera angle, lighting,  tips and tricks so you can film and post with confidence.  

  • 21 Post Ideas

    Did you know there are 5 hero topics you need to post about to become known in your niche?

    1. Why
    2. Authority
    3. Polorising 
    4. Value
    5. Relatable

    I cover all 5 and give you 21 ideas so that you won't be stuck thinking about what to post or how to make it land with your audience. 

21 post ideas, client-winning scripts and creating video checklist 🎥