Let me help you squash the fear.


You ARE good enough, experienced enough and smart enough *right now* You’re ready to GLOW and GROW online and in your personal life.


To confidently show up in business your marketing needs clarity, your relationship with money needs a shift and your mindset needs a refocus.


I know you’re here to do BIG things. 


That sparkly version of yourself that you think is so far away: she's closer than you realise. I'll help you meet her.



Let me help you squash the fear.


You ARE good enough, experienced enough and smart enough *right now* You’re ready to GLOW and GROW online and in your personal life.


To confidently show up in business your marketing needs clarity, your relationship with money needs a shift and your mindset needs a refocus.


I know you’re here to do BIG things. 


That sparkly version of yourself that you think is so far away: she's closer than you realise. I'll help you meet her.


You Are Here to do Big  Things

Are you are SO over…. 

- Not really knowing how to position yourself or your business to stand in a crowded market and be seen by the customers that light up your life (and bank account).


- Your inevitable epic highs of “Oh yea, this is amazing, I’m going great” and epic lows of “I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel so redundant”. 


- Feeling stuck because you're not sure what to focus on, what to invest time and money on or how to prioritise.

- Being confused AF  by all-the-things the experts are saying you MUST do and frustrated by the conflicting information (really, what the hell?).

-  Stressing about sales, stressing about income, stressing about tax time - F#$K


- Having a hundred goals and good intentions, but struggling to get anything ticked off the list.


Rolling your eyes every time there is a ‘new’ social media feature update - oh great, now I have to do ClubHouse too??? 

- Feeling like you’re doing more work than ever before and...god damn it shouldn’t be this hard?


GIRL - You Are Not Alone. 



In 2017 I started my first business in the hotel marketing industry. I saw 6 six figures within my first 12 months [gasp!] all due to my strong reliance on three key ingredients: 

  • Smart marketing strategies to help me GLOW online.

  • Dedication to reprogramming my thoughts, inviting growth into my life and ditching the negative vibes.

  • My beliefs, feelings and interactions with worthiness, abundance and money


I work with passion-driven Consultants, Creatives and Coaches [think overachievers, over givers, great humans that love to teach, share and create] who have so much to give to the world, but right now are confused, tapped out and are listening way too much to their internal mean girl. 


Sounds like you? I thought so. 


I know you want to confidently show up as yourself, create impact, build your business with ease - one that creates abundance. 


You want to GLOW and GROW. I am SO ready to help you achieve all of this + MORE.



Overcome the fears or blocks you have about being in business for yourself...


I'm not worthy, I'm not good enough, who would pay me for this, I'm not experienced enough



Learn how to get into inspired focused action,  show up confidently online, gain clarity and simplify your marketing.


So you don't feel like you're doing "all the things" with little results. 



Understand money, show gratitude towards money and heal your relationship with money.


All essential so you can charge your worth and reach your true earning potential.

Successful. Truthful. Beneficial

I was struggling to promote/sell my shoot location The Pastel Palm it was always not ‘quite good enough' and that there was always another part of my house/garden that I should work on before really ‘launching’. I was constantly telling myself that it wasn't up to standard and the negative thoughts that were constantly going through my end were endless.


Going into the first sessions I was unsure, I wasn’t sure how open and real I would be with Katie. I have never done any one-on-one coaching before and wasn’t sure how beneficial it would actually be for me! After our first session, I was like "yep, ok, I am so going to benefit from this and why has it taken me so long to do any coaching!”


Katie allowed me the ‘permission’ to take time off from ‘Mum Duties’ and focus on something else without the guilt. She kept it real for me 100% and I needed the hard-talking at times to keep me focused. Being a straight shooter and putting me on the spot to make me question my self, was beyond beneficial. Thank you!


The big aha moment for me was the way that I speak to myself (you know that little voice in your head that is annoying!!) I have changed the wording so much.


I have transitioned from a Mum with a part-time hustle on the side, to a CEO of my businesses, who is going to succeed no matter what the journey throws at me!


What Katie managed to extract from me in our first session (and the lead up to that session) was the foundations of what I needed covering. In fact, some of it I didn’t even realise I needed coaching with, until we were in a session!  My time is precious and Katie hit the nail on the head every time within our session, pushing me forward!

Kate Hammond | Owner | Kate Hammond Stylist &  The Pastel Palm

1) Marketing Strategy

Guess what? “Marketing” isn’t a swear word!


Shocker, I know. 

Having run a digital marketing business, growing a marketing startup to six figures in twelve months, having taught and given keynote speeches on the topic of marketing I have done IT ALL.

I’ve been in the trenches

I’ve done the hard work so you can now benefit from my experience and use the tested and proven strategies I share with you to GROW and GLOW online. 


Through our coaching process we’ll work on visibility strategies, list building strategies, nurturing and selling techniques so that you can become a confident and planned marketer. 

No matter what business you run, whether you're just starting out or you're in deep - the strategies I'll share with you are easy-to-use and will help you position yourself and your business to reach a greater audience with ease and confidence so you can see your income and customers increase PLUS enjoy a new energy, confidence and excitement in your biz.

2) Mindset Shifts

The foundation for all the marketing strategy and money relationship work we dive into lies in the strength of your thoughts and the messages you’re constantly giving yourself.


I know you listen to that little voice of doubt that niggles away at you all day WAY TOO MUCH. Let’s smash a few lies that voice may be telling you right now: 

> You can in fact sell your products or services like everyone else and be wildly successful.
> Yes, you can stand out and become an expert in your niche, build authority and influence. 

> You do not have to recklessly work yourself to the bone, putting in 100 hour weeks to get there.
> You are already experienced enough, good enough, smart enough! 

There is nothing holding you back but the fear of failure.


This is an element of our coaching relationship that I LOVE getting deep into because all of us are pre-programing ourselves on some level to either achieve success or stay stuck where we are.

Once you start to uncover and understand how your mindset is affecting every micro decision you make, AND work to reprogram your thoughts (becoming a positive, confident, fearless leader) you’ll see HUGE changes in your business and life. 

3) Money, Dollars and Cents

“All the ladies, who independent - throw your hands up at me”


If you’re immediately bopping along to Destiny’s Child you’re my kinda gal.


In all seriousness - money, money, money is a fickle little subject and stirs up a lot of emotions! Once you’re #theboss and running your own business you will be forced to deal with ANY blockages or negative associations with money you are walking around with.


Because guess what? You are bringing those blocks to your business and customers whether you realise it or not!


You’re in business to make money, right? Become financially free, give yourself and your family more options. That’s nothing to be ashamed of! So why do so many of us get icky about it?


Maybe you love seeing money come in, but it leaves as soon as it's landed. Maybe you've over capitalised on your business and you need sales FAST - maybe you are stuck with how to position yourself to charge your worth - all of these issues and so much more can be worked on during our coaching sessions.


Work with me to confidently heal and transform your relationship with money, creating a super strong, safe relationship so that you can charge more, earn more, save more and and build that life to match your dream board.

You Are Ready Glow & Grow Online

Your business is begging you to stop procrastinating, stop throwing money away, stop the franticness and get your hands dirty with an intensive revolution of how you think, show up and work the three biggest pillars of your business; your marketing, your money flow, your mindset.


If you’re ready to make a big step in the right direction, schedule a call with me now

My BIG Mission in Life

My big mission in life is to be seen as a high vibing, bringer of inspiration and information - empowering thousands of women to GLOW and GROW. Everyday I show up to live my most Inspiring, Impactful and Abundant life and through my work I get the privilege of helping all the women I connect with do the same.

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