100 Marketing Ideas For Your Hotel

Are you thinking like a traveller?  Is your online presence a boost or a bore? Is today’s technology working for you?

I’m Katie Hokin, a marketing professional with years of experience in the hospitality and hotel industry. I have personally led hotel managers to stunning success, keeping pace with today’s online opportunities.

IHG, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Novotel, voco and Emerald City Hotel Group are on my shortlist of satisfied clients. I share invaluable insights with you in my free guide, 100 Marketing Ideas for Your Hotel.

Part users guide, part life-lessons, my free e-book will walk you through ten areas of interest. After you read, you will better understand your guests and be able to make full use of today’s marketing technology. Cover just your high priority topics or read the guide cover to cover.


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25. Stories

Stories are huge (1 billion are currently shared every day) and they’re only going to get bigger, so get involved! Stories are for unpolished, raw, authentic photos and videos, making it the perfect platform for people to get to know your hotel brand. Behind-the-scenes content (e.g. with one of your chefs; a member of housekeeping putting the finishing touches to a perfectly-made bed; a Concierge delivering a welcome amenity or the city views from your guest room) makes for a great Story!


36. Split test

When you create your campaign (level 1) you can choose to “split test” it if you want to. If so, there are 4 options: Creative, Delivery Optimization, Audience, and Placement. If you select Placement, you can find out whether the exact same ad performs better on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, if you select Audience, you can find out whether the exact same ad performs better with 25-35-year-old men or women in the same town. (You can even choose the same interests, e.g. interested inthe keto diet, for both groups if you want to make it a very even comparison.)


55. Quora for ideas

If you ever feel like you keep covering the same topics again and again when creating content, Quora can help you find new topics. Search for a topic (e.g. “hotels”) and then scroll through that topic’s Q&A for inspiration. Here are some examples:
• What are some of the most interesting experiences you’ve had at a hotel?
• What’s special about Sydney, Australia?
To get you started, here’s a link to the current Quora page with questions about hotels

100 Marketing Ideas for Your Hotel, harnesses my know-how and guides you through marketing best practices, game-changing technologies, and the psychology of attracting guests to your front door.


1.) Your guests’ perceptions,

Design impactful marketing messages that earn you clicks. Tailor an online experience that bolsters booking. Encourage organic testimonials that show potential guests your best features.

2.) How to identify your marketing shortfalls and set realistic goals,

Establish a starting point, on the path to success, that defines where your hotel needs improvement and how to get there.

3.) Telling your story on social media,

Use the right hashtags, learn what is impactful and avoid the generics. Learn the right balance of organic versus promotional posting. Share live stories to show your authenticity.

4.) How to implement social media advertisement,

Learn the basics of Facebook Campaigns. Define your audience and choose the means to reach your advertisement goal. Examine statistics to see if your marketing is meeting expectations.

5.) Presenting a welcoming web presence,

Assess the effectiveness of your website in terms of appeal and usability. Learn what attracts visitors, what holds their interest, and what makes them look elsewhere. Keep up to date with options that offer customers fast answers to the questions influencing their booking.

6.) Connecting your hotel to matters your customers care about,

Learn to evaluate what is important to the average guest to cater to common needs. Research what matters and events are trending locally to target guests sympathetic to them. Request thoughts and opinions to act on matters that impact you positively and negatively.

7.) Using effective email marketing,

Expand your mailing list and reach more potential guests with helpful apps. Learn to engage your customers with personalized messages. How to build an effective email that promotes customer to business interaction.

8.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): often referenced, seldom understood,

You will learn the basics of SEO, what it is, how it works, and how to implement keywords and tags on your website to help guests find you.

9.) Leveraging Google Ads to drive business to your website,

Learn to leverage Google’s expansive advertising service – via Google Search Engine, Google Maps, Display Network and YouTube – to target marketing content to a pertinent audience. I’ll discuss the advertisement options and elaborate on bidding strategies for your budget.

10.)  Invoking meta search to compete in the online world.

Learn to list your rates on TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak and Google Hotel Ads. What click-through rate to expect for each service and how to approach the bidding in turn.

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