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Increase website traffic, boost direct bookings and build your hotel brand online.




Obsessed with Hotels, Digital Marketing, Branding & Planning

Marketing your hotel online can be overwhelming.

There are so many different elements – website, OTA’s, Facebook, Instagram, influencers, reviews, Meta Search, SEO, PPC, Google Ads, blogs, photography, user generated content, videography, content calendar, analytics, reporting, yearly & quarterly plans…The list goes on

  • What channels do I focus on?
  • Where do I spend marketing $?
  • What tactics are delivering ROI?
  • Where do I find the time for all of this?
  • How do I bring all of this to life?
  • How do I think of content?
  • How do I create and online brand?

There are so many moving parts that need strategy, tactics and management.

It’s time consuming and often too much for hotels to manage by themselves.

That’s why we do, what we do – offering marketing strategies and channel management services for progressive hotels.

Hotel Marketing Services












Working with Katie was a fantastic experience.

Her proactive approach allowed for careful planning whilst her can-do attitude, work ethic and market knowledge meant flawless execution.

Katie’s knowledge of marketing and the hotel industry enabled her to hit the ground running and provide high-quality support from the very start.

I look forward to working with her again.

Megan Jeganathan

Marketing Manager at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®) , IHG

In the last 18-months, I have had the pleasure of working with Katie in six different capacities.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have her as an extended member of our teams and it feels like she has been in the desk next door even though we are yet to meet in person.

Her passion, proactiveness, energy and incredibly hard work ethic have always exceeded all expectations.

It has been great to see Katie grow her business and simultaneously rock new motherhood with a non-stop dose of energy and fun.

I wish her all the best and know we’ll continue to cross paths in a variety of contexts.

Work with Katie at KT Creative now, you won’t regret it.

Aaron McDowell

Manager, Omnichannel Marketing - Australasia at InterContinental Hotels Group , IHG


We’re obsessed with Hotels, digital, branding and planning. We look at each touch point in the customer journey and develop an integrated marketing plan in collaboration with you.

I want to get away – they are dreaming of destinations with no firm plans

Customer: General Research, Search, Social Media, Blogs, Friends, Family, Influencers.

Marketing Support

  • Content marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media

Time to make a plan – they have chosen the destination and now start to plan the details – dates, flights, hotel, activities

Customer: Search, Destination Websites, Aggregator Websites, Independent Websites, Reviews, Social Media, Influencers, WOM.

Marketing Support

  • Drive
  • Meta Search
  • SEO
  • Website
  • Social Media and Social Proof
  • Online Reputation Management

Let’s book it – the research is done, they are ready to book their tickets and accommodation.

Customer: Search, Aggregator Websites, Independent Website

Marketing Support

  • Meta Search
  • SEO
  • Website
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing

Can’t wait to explore – they finally get to live the trip they have been dreaming about.

Customer: Digital Interactions, Print Collateral, Social Sharing

Marketing Support

  • On Property Point of Sale
  • Branding and Design
  • Social Media Engagement & Monitoring

Share it – they share their experience, photos and stories with family, friends and online platforms.

Customer: Word of Mouth, Surveys, Reviews, Social Sharing

Marketing Support

  • Social Media
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Develop a solid brand strategy and boost direct bookings.

We’ll bring your hotel brand to life, tell your story, connect it directly to your ideal customer and outshine your competitors!


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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Why we are different

From concept to reality, we are driven by bringing ideas to life.

We are different, because we personally invest emotion in your hotel marketing and are at our best when we make meaningful connections with our clients. We seek to understand and relate to your hotel brand in its entirety. Genuinely caring about making your business shine online by bringing all the elements together to turn your idea into reality. Not to mention, we’re always up for a bit of fun throughout the process!

Our Skills

Creativity is intelligence having fun ~ Albert Einstein
Our qualifications are in business, marketing  and entrepreneurship. Our previous experiences as marketing executives and managers have allowed us to grow our skillset in integrated communications, campaigns and promotions which are focused on driving results and return on investment for your business. In partnership with reputable agencies, we are highly experienced in the development, optimisation and ongoing maintenance of websites, digital advertising and social media channels. We also take great pride in being able to facilitate marketing workshops according to your businesses requirements.
  • Digital: Website, SEO, PPC, email, automation
  • Campaigns: Promotions, lead generation
  • Social: workshops, strategy, Management
  • Strategy: Marketing plans, content calendars
  • Branding: logo, colour pallet, stationary, templates




The ultimate purpose you are working towards and hotel goals.


The tone and personality you use to communicate your hotel.


The visual identity of your hotel and how you look online & offline.

Problem: Your brand is not solid and you are reactive in the market. You haven’t updated your website in over a year, nor do you regularly post to your social channels.

Solution: We would recommend a brand identity workshop, marketing plan and content calendar, a refresh of the website including SEO and a social media strategy.

Problem: You know that a special day (such as Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ Day) is coming up, but you always leave it too late to get something into market. You’re sick of missing the boat and being so reactive in the market. Solution: We would recommend a marketing calendar outlining key dates across the year that may be relevant to your audience. We will identify if there are any big events in your location, commemoration days, national events or business milestones and earmark key dates for seasonal campaigns. This may include sale periods for End of Financial Year, Easter, Christmas, new product launches, announcements, upgrades or any other major campaigns during the year.
From Our Clients
Client love we like to share

I have worked with Katie since August 2014 and have been impressed by her ability to take a leadership role in representing the Marketing strategies for IHG in Western Australia in a variety of local national and global campaigns.

Katie has demonstrated her abilities in strategic marketing development & execution, excellent communication and presentation skills, elevated hotel online status & brand development, and a friendly presence at many tourism and business functions.

Her work ethic, creativity and infectious passion and drive makes him such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Katie for any marketing expertise.

Chloe Harris

Business Development Manager, IHG

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